ENGO Test days - October 2022, meet us at Roc d'Azur and other events

Roc_V2.1.mp4Come and test our Engo 1 or Engo 2 at 3 coming events in France:

- RunIn Marathon Lyon (France) 30 Sept-2nd Oct

- Roc d'Azur Fréjus (France) the biggest mountain bike race/festival in the world, 6 to 9th October.

- Run In Annecy (France), 15th of October, dedicated to brands for test/demo to local runners/bikers

Free testing! To book your slot to test, click here


Great opportunity to discover our Activelook technology and Engo connected glasses. Learn how Engo can help you optimise your training sessions and maximise your performance whilst racing by testing it for free.

Headsup display to read your metrics ont the glasses whilst training or racing.


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