Your ENGOs got smarter: Introducing Navigr8!


ActiveLook's catalog of cycling apps continues to grow !

ENGO users are in for a treat as we're welcoming today Navigr8 (pronounced Navi-Great), a brand new app designed specifically for iPhone and Apple Watch users with ENGOs.

Navigr8 is all about enhancing your cycling experience with ENGO by offering an interesting feature set: Navigation, Garmin Varia Radar, Key Metrics and more. 




Seamless Navigation

See your route clearly, directly on your ENGOs, with both turn-by-turn and breadcrumb options. No more digging your phone out of your jersey pocket!



Safety First 

Stay focused on the road ahead with peace of mind thanks to real-time alerts for approaching vehicles with Garmin Varia Radar support.





Performance Tracking

Monitor important metrics like speed and distance, set up your own racing segments, and upload your rides directly to Strava. Track your progress and push your limits!



Unlock the Power of ENGO

A subscription unlocks full compatibility with ENGO, creating a truly integrated cycling experience. (Bonus: Try Navigr8 for free for 1 month!)


    Navigr8 is another exciting addition to the growing ActiveLook ecosystem of innovative apps designed to work with your ENGOs. This means even more ways to enjoy your outings and reach your athletic goals.

    Have questions or feedback for Phil, the passionate cyclist who created Navigr8? Reach out to him directly at mailto:

    Download Navigr8 

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