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Latest ENGO Photochromic eyewear offers dynamic, personalized, and precision-fueled training experiences. Our team has meticulously designed, developed, and tested ENGO 2 Photochromic lens for athletes. This innovative lens adapts dynamically to UV light intensity, ensuring your comfort and safety across various conditions.
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Train anytime with ENGO 2 - Photochromic, eliminating the need to swap lenses. Our engineers have worked to maximize the dynamic range of the lens, offering an unprecedented transition from Category 0 to Category 4. This lens extends your training hours, allowing you to conquer all weather and terrain conditions, from the break of dawn to the fall of night.


Craft your ENGO 2 look with the Photochromic lens. Choose the frame color that resonates with your style and select a lens size that fits perfectly. It's not just eyewear; it's a statement, optimizing your performance with a touch of personalized style.
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Seamlessly integrating with the ActiveLook system.

Device Compatibility
  • Approach® S70

    D2™ Air X10

    D2™ Mach 1

    D2™ Mach 1 Pro

    Descent™ MK2

    Descent™ Mk2S

    Descent™ MK3


    Edge® 1030

    Edge® 1030 Plus

    Edge® 1040

    Edge® 530

    Edge® 540

    Edge® 830

    Edge® 840

    Edge® Explore

    Edge® Explore 2

    Enduro™ 2

    epix™ (Gen 2)

    epix™ Pro (42mm)

    epix™ Pro (47mm), quatix® 7 Pro

    epix™ Pro (51mm)

    fēnix® 5 Plus

    fēnix® 5S Plus

    fēnix® 5X Plus

    fēnix® 6 Pro

    fēnix® 6 Pro Dual Power

    fēnix® 6 Pro Solar

    fēnix® 6 Sapphire

    fēnix® 6S Pro

    fēnix® 6S Pro Dual Power

    fēnix® 6S Pro Solar

    fēnix® 6S Sapphire

    fēnix® 6X Pro

  • fēnix® 6X Pro Solar

    fēnix® 6X Sapphire

    fēnix® 7

    fēnix® 7 Pro

    fēnix® 7 Pro – Sapphire Solar Edition

    fēnix® 7 Pro – Solar Edition

    fēnix® 7 Pro – Solar Edition (No Wi-Fi®)

    fēnix® 7S

    fēnix® 7S – Sapphire Solar Edition

    fēnix® 7S – Solar Edition

    fēnix® 7S Pro

    fēnix® 7S Pro – Sapphire Solar Edition

    fēnix® 7X

    fēnix® 7X – Sapphire Solar Edition

    fēnix® 7X – Solar Edition

    fēnix® 7X Pro

    fēnix® 7X Pro – Sapphire Solar Edition

    fēnix® 7X Pro No Wi-Fi

    Forerunner® 245 Music

    Forerunner® 255

    Forerunner® 255 Music

    Forerunner® 255S

    Forerunner® 255S Music

    Forerunner® 265

    Forerunner® 265S

    Forerunner® 745

    Forerunner® 945

    Forerunner® 945 LTE

    Forerunner® 955

    Forerunner® 955 Solar

    Forerunner® 965

    MARQ® (Gen 2)

    MARQ® Carbon Collection

    MARQ® Commander (Gen 2) – Carbon Edition

  • MARQ™ Adventurer

    MARQ™ Athlete

    MARQ™ Aviator

    MARQ™ Aviator (Gen 2)

    MARQ™ Captain

    MARQ™ Captain: American Magic Edition

    MARQ™ Commander

    MARQ™ Driver

    MARQ™ Expedition

    MARQ™ Golfer

    Mercedes-Benz Venu® 2

    Mercedes-Benz Venu® 2S

    quatix® 6

    quatix® 6X

    quatix® 6X Dual Power

    quatix® 6X Solar

    quatix® 6X Solar

    quatix® 7

    quatix® 7 – Sapphire Edition

    quatix® 7X – Solar Edition

    tactix® 7

    tactix® 7 – AMOLED Edition

    tactix® 7 – Pro Ballistics Edition

    tactix® 7 – Pro Edition

    tactix® Delta Sapphire

    tactix® Delta Solar

    tactix® Delta Solar Ballistics

    Venu® 2

    Venu® 2 Plus

    Venu® 2S

    Venu® 3

    Venu® 3S

    Venu® Sq. 2 Music

    vívoactive® 5

  • Apple Watch
  • watchOS version 10.1 and up

  • iPhone
  • iOS version 13.0 and up

  • Android
  • Android version 6.0 and up

  • Suunto
  • Suunto 5

    Suunto 9

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