2024 ENGO Apps Update: What is new with ActiveLook ?

By: Team ENGO

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ActiveLook 2024 Updates and Beyond.


Greetings ENGO Community,

Let us bring you the latest scoop on ActiveLook – the cutting-edge technology propelling your ENGO eyewear. Whether you're already part of our community or contemplating joining, these updates are set to enhance your athletic journey.


For Apple Watch Aficionados: Strava Live Segment and Cycling Sensors Support


Strava live segment on apple watch ultra


Apple Watch enthusiasts, rejoice! Last year witnessed the groundbreaking introduction of Strava Live Segment support – a triple milestone achieved by ActiveLook, Strava, and the Apple Watch! Now, experience the thrill of monitoring your performance against rivals in augmented reality, exclusively available on Apple Watch. Ready to extend this excitement to other platforms? Perhaps a friendly nudge to our friends at Garmin?

In February, we unveiled the latest version of the ActiveLook Apple Watch application, now equipped with Cycling sensor support on WatchOS 10. Elevate your cycling escapades by keeping tabs on power, cadence, and speed. Break barriers with just your Apple Watch, ENGOs, and, of course, your passion.


Discover the latest Apple Watch update with Strava Live Segment & support of Cycling Sensors.


For Garmin Enthusiasts: Growing Compatibility

 Garmin logo


Dedicated to supporting the latest Garmin devices, we expanded our compatibility list in 2023. The following devices have now joined the ENGO family: Fenix 7 Pro, 7 S Pro, 7 X Pro, Epix 2 Pro, Approach, Descent MK 3, Edge 540, Edge 840, Forerunner 265 and 265s, Forerunner 965, Marq 2, Marq 2 Aviator, Venu 3, Venu 3S, and Vivo Active 5.


How to Setup your ENGO's with Garmin.


ActiveLook Mobile App Welcomes Strava

 Strava ActiveLook App


Enjoy seamless native support for session synchronization to Strava through our Android, iOS, and Apple Watch applications. The February update of the iOS app has further bolstered the robustness of session synchronization.


Download the latest version of ActiveLook apps here.


Exploring New Frontiers: Water, Air, and Beyond




ActiveLook isn't confined to bikers and runners; it's a versatile platform that transcends boundaries. Communities have embraced ENGO for paragliding, model airplanes, rowing, sailing, and more. Immerse yourself in a world of real-time data and unparalleled experiences in your field of view.


Discover an expanding catalog of supported apps on the ActiveLook website.


Calling Developers: Join the ActiveLook Community

 Your innovations welcomed


Are you a developer with innovative ideas? ActiveLook invites you to contribute your skills to our community. Visit the ActiveLook developer page to kickstart your journey. Here's an exciting tidbit – your ENGO eyewear doubles as a development tool, seamlessly connecting with any third-party application.


Share Your Insights and Questions


Your insights, suggestions, and questions regarding ActiveLook applications are invaluable to us. Contact us – we're eager to hear from you.


Join us in embracing innovation, breaking barriers, and unlocking new horizons.

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