Interval Training With ENGO

By: Team ENGO

Endurance athlete running on red track.


Nothing improves running performance more reliably than interval training.  Done consistently and precisely, intervals lead to faster speeds and better race results.

The Challenge of Interval Training

There are many types of interval sessions, but the key ingredients in all of them are time and intensity.  Until now, managing the interplay of these two variables has ranged from somewhat hit-and-miss to total guesswork.   

Most of us began our run training being guided by feel, or what’s commonly referred to as RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion).  Using this simple scale, an RPE of “1” was very easy, and “10” excruciatingly hard; somewhere in between were the desired intensities that allowed us to get the most from our workouts.   

Over time, using the RPE method for interval training helped develop a reasonable sense of pacing, but it wasn’t the quickest or most precise experience.  




New Technology for Runners

Fortunately today we have cutting edge tools available for optimizing our training progress.  For distance runners seeking a more reliable path to improving their performance, the newest and most exciting  product is ENGO Eyewear.

ENGO integrates the groundbreaking ActiveLookTM microelectronics into eyewear for athletes , which collects data from your Garmin watch and projects it into your field of view.  

Personalized Data View

These days, athletes are awash in numbers, many of them irrelevant to better performances.  ENGO Eyewear helps cut through the data clutter by allowing athletes to personalize what information is displayed, and to focus on the key metrics that are relevant to their goals.  

By choosing from among the wide range of data fields available in Garmin devices, athletes can create a real-time display layout that’s most meaningful to them.  Imagine how your sessions will change when your time, pace and distance are always available in real-time, with just a glance, and no need to break stride to look at your watch.

Perfect Pacing

Now runners can execute the most complex and demanding interval workouts with the confidence that only comes from having real-time awareness of  their effort and performance.

They can then translate their improved fitness into perfectly paced races, thanks to the real-time feedback delivered by ENGO Eyewear.

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