ENGO + Strava

By: Team ENGO

Strava Activelook

A bit like a TV, ENGO behaves differently depending on what it’s connected to.  


For example, the experience with a new TV is very different if you connect to Apple TV or to a cable box.  


And this is also true for ENGO:  The ENGO experience with Apple Watch is very different than Garmin, for example.  


While all platforms allow you to view key metrics from a watch, such as heartrate, pace, and distance, there are significant differences in setup processes, interface routines, and overall data sets. 


One of the biggest differences in experience between Apple and Garmin platforms is Strava.  


To learn more about the ENGO + Strava experience on your preferred platform, select from the following options:



ENGO + Apple Watch 


ENGO + Garmin Watch or Cycling Computer 




What if my device isn’t listed here?  Will you support other brands in the future?


Apple and Garmin are unique in that they have created platforms for developers to use to create apps for their products. Apple has the App Store, and Garmin offers ConnectIQ.  ENGO uses the ActiveLook app for Apple Watch and the ActiveLook data field for Garmin in order to connect to these devices. 


We’d love to work with Coros, Wahoo, Hammerhead, and many other devices. In fact, we frequently receive requests to support these brands.  


The good news is that ActiveLook includes an open-source development kit and API, so that device companies can quickly integrate ActiveLook with their feature set. In fact, we’ve seen development teams complete functional prototypes in just a few days. If your preferred device isn’t ActiveLook compatible today, our best advice is to let the device company know that you want to see ActiveLook support. Thank you!

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