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Many of us at ENGO admire WHOOP, the startup turned unicorn sports-tech company with a novel activity tracker and companion app.  

If you’re a WHOOP user, chances are you appreciate the product’s unique approach: Unlike a majority of other fitness devices, WHOOP has no display.  Instead, the data it collects and analyzes is presented using the most advanced and highest resolution display most of us have ever used or even seen: The one on our smartphone. 

While many fitness oriented apps, like Strava, allow for in-activity monitoring, the truth is that most of us wait until an activity or event is complete, and then review our performance and results.  WHOOP’s app-based post-activity review takes this experience to the next level, and strictly requires the separation of activity versus review and analysis.


Sitting on a park bench or at a cafe, we scrutinize our most recent activity and how it compares to past efforts, or how it compares to how it felt in the moment. Many of us struggle to reconcile hard efforts with poor performance. Similarly, we are also surprised when apparently easy efforts produce good results. Athletes can find it difficult to assess their own performance until fitness becomes very stable and a given level of performance is repeatable.





WHOOP goes a long way to make relative performance and fitness visible, and to provide coaching for incremental gains. This is why ENGO is an ideal complement to WHOOP - Because ENGO displays data in real-time, during live workouts and events. With virtually zero functional overlap, ENGO’s real-time display and WHOOP’s post-activity reviews are a perfect sports tech pairing.

Where WHOOP can give you a good report of how you performed yesterday, and a prediction of how you’re likely to perform today, ENGO gives you a precise summary of exactly how you’re performing today - right now.  

If part of the value of WHOOP is to enable athletes to stick to a training plan that factors in when to increase efforts, and also when to rest and recover, then ENGO is the tool to execute that plan in the moment, on any given day.  

Combining ENGO with your WHOOP experience will let you know in real-time (not after the fact) how your ride or run line up with your plan. 

Admittedly, ENGO does not work directly with WHOOP - device or app.  The good news is that the WHOOP device operates independently, and so WHOOP users who want to gain the ENGO advantage can do so with a compatible iOS, Android, or Garmin device. 

The "What's in it for me?" takeaway is: WHOOP provides unparalleled granularity of data related to recovery & readiness; and ENGO empowers you to act upon it - to achieve improvement.

Taken together, ENGO + WHOOP are the total embodiment of #InformToPerform. 



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