Gift Guide for the Tech-Obsessed Endurance Athlete

By: Team ENGO

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Athletes know there is never a bad time to upgrade kit. And yet, finding the optimal configuration can be a challenge. So, we've prepared this guide to highlight a few of our favorite devices and the configurations where they shine. This guide can help identify the perfect holiday or birthday gift for the athlete in your life, or narrow down the options for your next self-purchase. Happy shopping... 






Best Heads-Up Display Eyewear


For athletes looking to streamline their data directly into their field of view, we recommend adding the all new ENGO 2 to your kit. This heads up display eyewear projects the metrics you’ve chosen from your connected device onto your lens in real-time. Track your performance metrics at the speed of sight so you know when you're on pace and when it’s time for that extra push. 

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Cycling Computers 



Best Cycling Computer

Garmin Edge 40 Series

Whether you choose the 540 or 1040, Garmin's latest cycling computers support a large number of ANT+ sensors, so you can select and view cadence, wheel speed, heart rate, power, and more in ENGO via Garmin Data Fields. With real-time performance metrics in your field of view via ENGO, the display on your Garmin has more space available for navigation or Strava - the ultimate dashboard configuration for cyclists. 

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Smart Watches


Best for Marathoners

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple's first watch for athletes features native "running dynamics" from the wrist - no extra sensor is required. When paired with ENGO, it's possible to view real-time metrics such as vertical oscillation and to adjust your gait on the fly.  Arguably the easiest watch to set up and use with ENGO, up to three custom dashboards can be set up directly on Apple Watch Ultra, and the new Action Button can be assigned to launch ActiveLook with a single click. Plus, ActiveLook activities automatically sync with Apple Health.

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Best for Multisport Athletes Who Use Heads-Up Navigation

Suunto 9 Peak Pro

Suunto's latest 9 Series multisport GPS watches work with Suunto's own app for easy configuration. With native support for ActiveLook, Suunto is ready to pair with ENGO right out of the box - no need for a separate download. The Suunto 9 Peak Pro is great for trailrunners, ultrarunners, and anyone who spends time in new terrain, as Suunto is the first multisport watch that brings navigation to ENGO, in addition to a wide range of real-time performance metrics. The Peak Pro also delivers running power directly from the wrist, and up to 21 days of battery life.

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Best for Multisport Athletes and Triathlon 

Garmin Fenix

Garmin's flagship multisport watches track swim, run, and bike segments, include ANT+ support to automatically connect to bike sensors, and the solar models have best in class battery life up to 22 days. When paired with ENGO, data fields make it possible to create custom dashboards for a huge range of data types for virtually any training or competition scenario. Take custom configuration even further with 3rd party apps that provide unique, high-performance, custom displays on the watch face to perfectly compliment custom dashboards for ENGO (two are recommended, below). 

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Best Value for Runners and Minimalists

Garmin Forerunner

The Garmin Forerunner series is ideal for any runner seeking a dedicated running watch with great battery life and lower cost. Setup with ENGO using Garmin Data Fields. With a $500 list price for several models, we've seen Forerunner models available as low as $350.

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Training Devices



Best for Swim

Form Swim

While ENGO has you covered on terra firma, check out Form to bring the benefit of real-time data into the pool or open water. Form is ENGO's aquatic brother from another mother, for water workouts and competition.

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Recovery Devices


Best Physical Recovery Device

Firefly Recovery Device

Recover faster after long practices and races by increasing your blood flow with Firefly. This mobile recovery device allows you to go about daily activities while it sends small electrical pulses to a nerve in your leg which increases blood flow by 400%. Used by professional athletes from olympic runners to professional tennis players, this device is sure to get you back to 100% faster.

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Best Scale

Withings Body+ Scale

Don’t just track weight, understand your full body composition with the Withings Body+. This smart scale allows you to track muscle, fat, and bone mass and track your BMI.  Once you’ve got a clear view on real-time power with ENGO, the most cost effective way to improve your power to weight ratio (particularly as a cyclist) is to purchase a body weight scale.

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Best for cyclists 

Shokz Open Run PRO

Using bone conduction technology, Shokz allows you to listen to music without losing a sense of your surroundings. Stay alert on the road without losing the joy of listening to music during a ride.

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Best for runners

Jabra Elite 7 Active

For runners prone to losing wireless headphones, we recommend the Jabra Elite 7. Made with patented liquid silicone rubber, these headphones are sure to stay put minus bulky earwings and cables. These earbuds also offer customizable noise cancellation so you can tune everything out or choose to lower noise cancellation so you can keep in touch with your surroundings while on a run.

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Stocking Stuffers

Our favorite gifts under $100 



An essential for cyclists, saddle sores, etc.

Magnesium flake bath for muscle recovery, great for post race day.

A favorite for blisters, general wound care

Mad Alchemy Chamois Cream
An all natural and cruelty free chamois cream, embrocation, and more to keep you riding in comfort year-round

A collapsible foam roller for travel/away races so you never have to be without this essential muscle roller.

My LifeHandle Hands-Free Leash
For running with your best friend hands free.

The latest book from acclaimed running coach and athlete Matt Fitzgerald. On Pace explores the critical importance of pacing - a topic of interest to data driven runners who train and compete with ENGO
New book from our friend Pamela Nisevich Bede, described as "A nutrition and body confidence guidebook for the female athlete".  This book has us motivated to explore how to bring real-time fueling info to ENGO

Swix Star XC Gloves
Have a multisport watch that works with ENGO and love the snow? With ENGO, you don't need to adjust your cuff or roll up your sleeve to read your watch. Keep your hands warm during nordic skiing or running with the Swix STAR XC 3.0 Gloves.

A cyclist favorite, made of a merino blend, these socks are temperature regulating no matter the season.

For runners looking for a well cushioned, sweat wicking sock complete with reflective design.

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